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Dec'14 Meeting Overview

06/12/14 08:24 PM | VRTX iNFLAM3 in Clan News

Posted Image

Hi everyone!

So during this Clan Meeting I discussed a few updates to the Clan and also some updates for a few things which I know you all wanted further information on which I didn't have at the time!

Our Blog
As per the discussion, I would appreciate if everyone 'followed' our Blog because I am using it more than I used too and will also be updated from other Management during next year. The entries blogged are changes within VORTEX which aren't a major change (won't impact anyone) or entries to give you an update on a project being worked on, EG. Our Logo or Custom Forum Skin etc.

If you follow the Blog, you'll get a notification of when a new entry is posted so you can keep up to date with what happens in the Clan. Also would be a good idea to 'follow' our Announcements Forum, basically for the same reason.

Achievement Template
If you head over to our Blog, you can view our latest Entry (please click into it) and see our upcoming graphics template for earning an achievement within the Clan!

Points System Reset
I have reset everyone's points to zero to be ready to start earning the point through our Achievements system! You can view this page (currently has no information on it but more will be added within the month) and will be on the Navigation once it's sorted.

New Hierarchy Update
We're yet again going to change the Hierarchy for 2015 due to the responsibilities for the ranked groups aren't required as much.
Clan Leader
> Co-Leader
-> Officer
--> Guild Leader
---> Moderator
----> Member

Clan Senior Officer has been removed from the Ranks. (Members which remain in this position will become standard Officers.

It's getting closer to the time which we will be accepting pre-orders for our new products! Each product will be able to be shipped separately so no more having to wait until we've got a bulk order and not having to ship it to me, to then ship to you! However Mouse pads still require a minimum purchase of 5 before their able to start designing them to send.

I will inform everyone by our website news when pre-orders are available. If you're interested in getting a quote for your postage and packing sooner than later, please send me your 'country and postcode/zipcode'.

I've already got details from the following members to get a quote for: HuskY, Crimeshot, YourTasteInWomen, MyerzzD, Kajji, Nukeboss, Thomas, F-H and myself! I will PM you all once I get a response from them.

Our new logo!
So we have now paid our new logo designer and instead of £80, we've found a good designer for $40! So over half the price we originally was quoted by another user. So once this logo is complete, we will have it put onto our new products and the pre-orders can commence!

Game Giveaways!
It's getting closer and closer to 2015 and I'm getting more games to giveaway! Get ready to bring yourself to our events and earn achievements within the clan to get a chance for a game giveaway! You can view our giveaway list which is always being updated! If you'd like to offer a game to give away to the community, message me on steam and send me the gift or gift URL!

Gallery Feature
We've purchased a new feature to the forums instead of renewing our licence for our Downloads feature as it wasn't being used (shockingly), but this new feature will be used alot more i'm sure! If you look on our navigation bar you'll see Gallery. Head over to there and you can upload your own screenshot of in-game into any of those game categories.

Simple click 'upload' and then choose the 'category' and then upload the files - maximum is 100 at a time. It can take a short while to upload that many photos (or for me it took abit) but was worth it as you all can check out the awesome pictures I take during my game of DayZ and Arma 3 etc. It would be awesome to see yours! Not only that but popular pictures will also be uploaded to our Facebook for the public to see.

Please note that if you want to upload your screenshots of scores, please create your own album in the Members Albums.

New Product Prices
After mentioning the prices of the new products, they didn't include any profit of the clan and many of you have discussed this with me before and said you would rather it be more expensive and know that we gained some funds out of it aswell. I'll go over some pricings during this month before pre-orders are available and see if everyone is happy with them! However below are the set prices (not including postage and packing):
Hoodies - £32.00
Jerseys - £22.00 (short), £24.00 (long)
Mousepads - £15

You can view more details of the products in our Store located on the navigation bar above. Also note that you must go into 'Official Merch', they will be displayed on the main store page once their available. I figured putting them on front page is teasing too much when you can't order!

I've also amended the standard product prices to be abit cheaper (less profit) but with the new products coming out which will be quite abit more pricey, I figured would be good to have our current products abit cheaper for those which can't afford our new awesome products.

I also wanted to announce to everyone to welcome the newcomers into the clan recently - Spectres, Cloudetix, Equaja, Miracle, James, F-H, Meatgrinder, Troska and Belvac! Hope you all enjoy it here at VORTEX eSports and i'm already aware your fitting in great!

Activity Topic
Last but not least, I created a topic for all you members to respond too if you wish to remain in VORTEX from January 2015 onwards. Please read the topic to ensure you accept what I have said within the topic before replying. If you accept and then it comes next year and I'm not aware of any issues of yourself, I will drop you from the clan as you've not stuck to our Guidelines.

It is more strict than we have been in the past, but it's what is needed and I know alot of you agree.

Please click here for the topic

If you didn't read the topic and didn't reply by end of December, you only have yourself to blame!

Anyway, thanks for reading and attending for those which did! Next meeting is SATURDAY 3RD JANUARY! (This is because Thursday lands on New Years day and day after people will be hanging)

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The New Jersey / Hoodie & Mousepad!

23/11/14 09:30 AM | VRTX iNFLAM3 in Clan News

Posted Image

Hi guys,

It would seem that our MYSQL database has been restored to an earlier time so we're missing a tad bit of content from our forums of which was my material it would seem.

So the latest news in VORTEX is regarding our awesomely designed Long Sleeve + Short Sleeve Clan Jersey, Clan Zip Hoodie and Clan Mousepad!

Now you can pre-order your own in the coming weeks, but we're looking to not start shipping until January! Don't worry though! This is because the Gamers Apparel have their own requirements and they need bulk orders before being able to purchase/design/send.

Regarding the Jerseys, I've queried whether both short and long sleeves can be ordered, I would guess we can, but will await confirmation first!

So I'll keep all of those which pre-order, up to date with the orders we have and then you know when you'll be getting it.

The minimum orders are the following:
Jerseys x4
Hoodies x5
Mousepads x5

The products can have your username on them all, the pre-orders can't be made just yet as there is a few tiny amendments to be made including our upcoming new logo design. So another preview will soon be available which will show these minor changes. (Although this will be published via our Blog, so head on over to it and click the 'follow this blog' button so you see it before anyone else!

Feedback is appreciated regarding the designs, however we can't make any amendments to the actual design without an additional fee. We will also have a few more various colours of our design coming our during Q1 of 2015. (Dark grey and White).

You can view our new products (Promo Designs) on our facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/vrtxesports

Have a good day everyone and i'm sure we will sell alot of our products! :D

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Nov' Meeting Overview

07/11/14 07:20 PM | VORTEXeSports in Clan News

Posted Image

First off, we would like to thank all of those members which could attend this meeting! Don't forget if you haven't voted already, check out these important polls to ensure we have the clan meetings on dates you will most likely be available to participate!

During this meeting we discussed some progress with the upcoming forum update, our profit through G2A and various changes upcoming ready for/during January 2015! (Season 3 of VORTEX eSports)

Now we know we've mentioned various times of our upcoming forum updates to v4.0 which is a major update (appearance, performance and features), however they've never given a date and only said Q4 2014, but we now have more information on this! Invision Power have now confirmed Beta 2 of their new Community Suite (v4.0) which will soon have a public release! We hope it will be in time for 2015 as we would definitely like to kick off next season with another major change!

For all of you which share G2A referral links (www.g2a.com/r/vortexesports) or tell people about the "VORTEX" coupon they can use at checkout, you have helped us gain further profit! We're happy to announce that at this minute we have €171.69 profit since August 2014! Fantastic results, so keep on getting G2A more sales through the community!

Upcoming changes for January 2015 are shown below. (However some changes will be done sooner to be ready for the New Year!)
  • New TeamSpeak rules will be put into place.
  • Clan rules and guidelines will be reviewed and amended accordingly.
  • Forum boards will be reviewed and amended accordingly. (Fewer forum boards, organised better)
  • Support Ticketing will be arranged by ranks starting with Officer (default ticket department) and will be moved to Senior Officer if not able to resolve, and that to be moved to Clan Leader/Clan Co-Leader if can't be resolved.
  • Clan Ranks will explained clearly and who is what rank.
  • Downloads area has been de-activated and we will instead use our Dropbox for files.
  • We will have monthly mini-gaming events! This will vary between Garry's Mod, Killing Floor, League of Legends, Minecraft, Payday 2, Risk of Rain, Starcraft II and Zero Gear!
  • We'll also add a small feature showing a countdown to the next monthly clan meeting!
  • A custom forum skin will also be developed next year once the new version is in place! We will make a topic for you to give your suggestions.
  • New Clan Logo to be developed so we are recognised as a symbol and not just the name "vortex esports".
  • We'll also be working on improving the public visibility regarding our Streamers and their streams. This will also include stream overlays!
  • We should have the TeamSpeak permissions sorted as well, they don't seem to doing as their set! Please be patient, there is usually an admin around no matter what the time.
  • We're also going to be changing recruitment including the way it's done, the applications and process within recruitment to ensure we have more members like yourselves and less time wasters!
  • With help from you all, we want to purchase the Gallery modification for our forums ($65 - then every 6 months is $10 renewal - only required if we want to update the application). This will be a great feature as it will allow you all to create your own album and upload your awesome screenshots from in-game! Images which are popular will also be added to our Facebook for more publicity views! We're a community after all, so your screenshots are important to us!
  • We're going to be introducing Clan Achievements which will also be working inline with our Points System. Through this new points system you'll be able to build up to show your score! (Similar to how Gamerscore works!) - More info on this released during December.
  • Clan Jerseys will be soon finished, once they are ready for purchasing, you will have the option to pre-purchase now with our current clan logo, or wait until our new clan logo is designed and use this new logo!
  • Our Donation goal has also risen, but this is because we have reviewed various finances we would like to purchase for the community so we included it all within that goal, please see below:
  • Forum Custom Skin - £100-£150
  • Custom Jersey/Hoody/Mousepad Design - £30
  • Clan Logo - £80
  • Forum Add-Ons/Modifications - £20+
  • Forum Licence Upgrade/6M - $25
  • Blog Licence Upgrade/6M - $10
  • Gallery Licence Purchase - $65 (Gallery Licence Upgrade/6M - $10)
  • Store/Billing Licence Upgrade/6M - $35
  • CMS Licence Upgrade/6M - $15
  • Our own Dedicated Server (Q3 2015) - £60/pm
Hope those which attended enjoyed the meeting and those which didn't, enjoyed reading our upcoming changes. Feedback is always appreciated so feel free to comment back on this news via the forum topic.

We wanted to keep this more underwraps but felt like you all deserved to know that we're sleeping, we're actually working on more updates than this but the rest will remain in the background until late December.

Next Meeting - December 4th - Thursday 7PM (UK)

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Clan Meeting (October'14)

24/10/14 04:56 PM | VRTX iNFLAM3 in Clan News

Posted Image

Hi all,

Again, apologies for the late reply regarding the last TeamSpeak meeting, not much was discussed and was more banter which was funny none the less, so I was debating whether to announce it and instead wait until more news is announced.

The main topic which was discussed was the new Guild which merged with VORTEX - "Definitely Maybe" - Primarily based on World of Warcraft but their players play various games like our current members! They have been running for 2-3 years and are aged at least 23 which is awesome to bring more older folk into the community! They're a funny bunch of guys which have a great sense of humour and fit right in with the community!

The Guild Leader is Joe (Also username is Joe), so if you have any queries with DM, give him a PM or if you catch him online TeamSpeak; go say hello!

I also announced about our TeamSpeak being passworded and private, so members must be vortex members to use our TeamSpeak, however just a one-off for your friends to join, but if they'll be coming back on, they'll have to apply to be part of the community. I also informed you all that our forums for 2015 will be referral only (private forums). Our website will continue to be accessible to everyone being a front page - so people can view our information and announcements.
Anyway guys, i'll give a fair chunk of updates/changes upcoming for 2015 in the next November'14 meeting :)

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TeamSpeak Servers

17/10/14 06:07 PM | VRTX iNFLAM3 in Clan News

Posted Image

Hi everyone!

We're having constant DDOS lag and downtime on our new server provided by Multiplay, so due to such terrible service I have requested the server to be cancelled immediately and refund given as I'm not letting our funds pay towards a useless crap server company.

I'm looking for a new host and I think we'll go with GameServers.com or NFOservers as they have been good in the past. Apologies from the downtime but it really isn't in our hands.

I'll put an IP and password up in the Members Forum once online!

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Clan Meetings New Arrangement

07/10/14 07:04 PM | VRTX iNFLAM3 in Clan News

Posted Image

Hi everyone,

It would seem there is abit of confusion regarding clan meetings and I totally understand why.

When they first started it was originally Wednesdays 7PM, however there was multiple members which wanted to participate but couldn't on these days so we then arranged it to be Tuesdays but after a few months of using Tuesdays, it would seem the amount of members joining was less than we did on Wednesdays, so in the last clan meeting I thought I did actually mention that it would be on Thursdays (last meeting was on a Thursday due to some issues with the days before that. (I don't remember the reason)

What we will do, is start a new poll which will be taking place between now and December 1st 2014. The results on this poll will be the new Clan Meeting date monthly from 2015 onwards.

Here is the topic:forums/topic/4930-clan-meeting-day-2015/

In the meantime, we will give the next few months to be arranged on the first THURSDAYS of each month. If we start it at 8PM (UK Time) due to members having to rush to be on at 7PM (in other regions of the world). I will ensure announcements are made on TeamSpeak, Shoutbox, Facebook, Twitter and a countdown timer shown on the forums main page.

Due to this confusion, we'll give away some random indie games at some point during the clan meeting on 09/10/2014!

Also don't forget about using our Partner to purchase games/subscriptions/software using our discount code "VORTEX"! Click the banner below!

Posted Image

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September Clan Meeting Roll up

13/09/14 09:19 AM | VRTX iNFLAM3 in Clan News

Posted Image

Hi all,

Not many attended this clan meeting compared to usual, but I did move the date so this could be the reason why..

Not many topics was covered during the meeting as most changes was announced last month and I would expect alot of changes next month if the new forum update is released.

Here are the following topics which we discussed:

HIERARCHY UPDATE - We've changed the titles of the ranks within the clan to Clan Leader -> Clan Co-Leader -> Clan Senior Officer -> Clan Officer -> Clan Member. More information on the roles can be found: http://www.vortex-es...4622-hierarchy/

JERSEY UPDATE - A topic has been made within the Members Forum which is discussion regarding the Team Jersey, you can view the current design and give feedback on it in ways to improve it. If feedback is given, the current design will be ordered.

ACADEMY UPDATE - CSGO / DOTA 2 / LOL / SC2 (WOW?) - The Academy is progressing with how things will work, the roles, how it will be introduced and who will be coaching. It will first start within the Starcraft 2 Division as it was created there, once it's up and running and it's organised, it will be put in place for other Divisions within the clan to allow more player to take part.

TEAMS UPDATE - We currently only have 3 teams; CS:GO, DOTA 2 and LoL, however Starcraft 2 Division will soon have 2 teams and 1 group (considered a team, however no size restriction).

G2A RESULTS SO FAR - Thanks to all the referral links and users using our "VORTEX" coupon during the checkout, we've gained 71 EUR so far! So keep it up as this will be used funds with future purchases we require! Or for buying gifts to give away to members! Why not respond to this and let us know if you've purchased and what games!

FORUM UPDATE SOON - Recently IPS have released a 'preview' of the upcoming update 4.0, once this is released to the public as an update and it's stable, we will be looking at getting our own custom forum skin. The background will be interchangeable, so each division will have a set background based upon the game they primary play. A topic will be made in the forums once the non-stable version is accessible, so you all can give your suggestions on the custom skin.

REFERRING TO BE INCREASED - We gain a bunch of new members each day, however the referrals aren't going up when they should be. If you have a recruitment topic somewhere, be sure to put your referral link, or state your forum username for them to enter when signing up. We want to give away gifts in the future but if it's not being used to it's potential then we don't

TEAM LEADER OR TEAM CAPTAIN - We was discussing which should be the title regarding the person in-charge of a team. It then seemed a much better idea to make it a topic instead, so please head over to this topic to vote!

GAME GIVEAWAYS - We've decided to give away a bunch of games to active and dedicated players within the clan. So players which are often on our TeamSpeak and Forums, who give useful suggestions and feedback, donating, attend important events such as Clan Meetings and who have been in the clan for along period of time!

So far these are the following users which gained free games:

Battlestations: Midway [Chancey]
Daikatana [Zection]
Hitman: Codename 47 [SquishyArchon]
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin [Thomas]
Hitman: Contracts [ARKi]
Hitman: Blood Money [Scaz]
Just Cause [Myerz]
The Last Remnant [AppleJack]

There are still over 20 games to give away! Their normally indie fun games and sometimes titles such as the above, but everyone loves a new game to play, let alone it being free!

DONATIONS - We can never be too short on donations, as we grow we need funds to keep us going - Custom Forum Design, Tee Designs, Jersey Designs, Mousepad Designs, Servers, Forum & Website features and the list keeps going. So if you can spare £5, it all adds up and it shows your support! We was once high in donations, but due to having to purchase our Custom Jersey/Mousepad/Hoody Design, it took a big £60 out of our pot! And if we want more designs for our Jerseys/Mousepads/Hoodys, it will require more funds, so lets keep them coming in! :)

Thanks for those who attended the meeting, next will be Thursday, 2nd September.

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August Meeting Roll Up

27/08/14 07:40 PM | VRTX iNFLAM3 in Clan News

Posted Image

Hi everyone!

First off, I'd like to apologise for this topic being made so late after the actual Clan TeamSpeak Meeting! For an entire week which I was going to create it, I was away, before I went away for a week, i was packing for a few days and before that was just busy working on changes within VORTEX, based upon the topics discussed.

Also to state before we go into those discussions/updates, check out our 4 new products exclusively on our store for a small period of time!
SteelSeries World of Warcraft: Gold Edition Gaming Mouse
Razer Spectre Gaming Mouse - StarCraft II Edition
Razer Marauder Keyboard - StarCraft II Edition
Razer Banshee USB Gaming Headset - StarCraft II Edition

Anyway, I won't hold it out any longer! - Ranges from minor to more major changes.
  • Our TeamSpeak social channels which originally took up 4 spaces, have been merged into one channel and the information displayed into the description box. (Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Steam, Youtube).
  • We're looking to provide gifts for referrals on the forums, so ensure you refer players to our forums and that you're referral is done correctly. (An administrator/Moderator can add the referral manually if notified). These will include store credit, free games and promotions within the clan)
  • Usernames which you sign up to VORTEX eSports with, must be used everywhere else - TeamSpeak, In-Game (unless it's just a muck about) and on STEAM. You're name within the clan is what you're recognised as, so we want everyone to be easily recognised on the things we use.
  • The awesome graphics designer has returned back into the clan to provide everyone including management, awesome graphics! Whether it's advertisements, avatars, banners, signatures etc.
  • We also discussed what files we should have within our Downloads area and things such as mods for games, skins, replays etc. to be hosted, you all have access to it, so get doing it!
  • We've added a few minor additions to our forums which include being able to see who's been on the forums on that day, gives us a rough idea of who's active, so ensure you're on the forums a few days a week. (Doesn't need to be everyday)
  • We also discussed with Clan Moderators and Clan Seniors should have the "ignore password" feature on TeamSpeak revoked. This would be a slight pain, as members would have to memorise or right down passwords, but same time, when something is passworded, it's nice to have the specific company you've passworded it for. This has been brought up by multiple members which is why it was in the discussion. An outcome hasn't been decided yet, but we'll gain more feedback from members in this topic who wasn't at the meeting and even who was.
  • Our Team Jersey is also in development as per topics you may have seen in the private Members Forum! It's slowly coming along, but looks awesome and only getting more and more awesome! Give feedback to us quickly before it's completed! http://www.vortex-es...-design-jersey/
  • We've successfully gained a Partnership with G2A.com, which also are giving everyone 3% OFF on their website by using the coupon "VORTEX" at the checkout, so ensure you use it!
  • I've also worked on the structure of the clan to be easily managed and will be updated on our website shortly.
  • I've been working on the structure of the upcoming Academy which will be discussed further with the staff involved before being made public.
  • Friday Night Gaming is no longer scheduled to what game is specifically played, due to everyone feeling different on the actual day. So now it's more of to get as many members online on Friday as possible and have good fun!
  • Everyone is to be using the 'Support' link on the forums for most issues which arise within the clan - website related, forum related, server related, product related and most general enquiries. Please ensure you contact a Clan Senior before sending me a PM, and if they can't answer it, to be referred to me. To ensure your issues are dealt with quicker!
  • Recruitment has already been slightly updated within the Guidelines to be more 'straight-to-the-point'.
  • TeamSpeak has had it's server group permissions revamped due to some issues, however there are a few issues still remaining which is being worked on and tested. Please ensure if you have any issue, contact a Clan Senior before myself as i'm usually not available. (to move, kick or ban players when required).
  • Upcoming Awards will be given out which include - LAD of Honour, LASS of Honour, Event Participator, Event Winner, Donator, Promotions, Big Referrer, Providing Successful Feedback/Suggestion etc.
  • YouTube videos from members to be more regular and a topic has been made for it. Will be awesome to have your video on our channel!
  • We've also lowered the amount of forums available, to get rid of some 'un-needed'!
  • We've made our 'streams' page, only for VORTEX members to list their own on.
  • New TeamSpeak rules to make members create their own sub-channel (temp) within the specified game channel. To save us having too many channels!
I've wrote everything I have written down on paper and if you think of anything more which was discussed, let me know!

In other news, some of our Clan Members and Clan Seniors participated within the League of Legends Pub Quiz @ Multiplay Insomnia iSeries (52) and come first place! Congratulations to them and for next time!

Look forward to reading everyone's responses!

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Promotion for Spirit!

13/08/14 05:12 PM | VRTX iNFLAM3 in Clan News

Posted Image

Congratulations to Spirit as he has now been Promoted within the Clan to be one of our Clan Moderators!

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Official Partnership with G2A.com!

09/08/14 11:24 AM | VRTX iNFLAM3 in Clan News

Posted Image

VORTEX eSports are proud to announce an official partnership with G2A.COM.

G2A.COM offers comfortable and swift access to wide range of products such as software licenses for Windows, Steam, Origin, Xbox Live cards, PSN codes, time-cards for online games and more at fantastically low prices. They're all video-game enthusiasts, so we're happy to become one of their Partners.

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